Saturday Aug 15, 2020

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Direct contact with khorramshahr port manager
The  goal of this section  is  to get your  ideas  and  suggestions  for  improving  our  Services , to the  clients . (it is necessary  to say that , your  message  is  directly  sent  to  whom  it may concern.)
Email  address
Phone  No
Full name
Post  title
Adel Deris
Operation manager
Shahin Torkpour
Planning and research  manager
Eghbal Soleimani
Adminstrative  and  financial manager 06324207116 Saleh Kosari Zadeh 

Deputy director-general  in charge of technical & engineering 

Saeed Pouyan rad
Technical  snd engineering  manager 06324207025 Mohammad Hossein Alaee

Public Relations Manager