Thursday Jun 24, 2021

investment in port ->Advantages and unique features of KHorramshahr Port

Advantages and unique features of KHorramshahr Por

* 25 % trade discount.

*         Enjoying advantages & facilities of Arvand free commercial- industrial Zone.

* Having regular feeder lines from United Arabic Emirate which provide the possibility of container transportation from all around the world to Khorramshahr Port.

* The Nearest commercial- industrial region in south of Iran to Iraq, Kuwait & Mid Asia

* The second container port in Iran & with modern equipment of loading & unloading container.

* The most economical rout in Iran

* With dedicated quays for Ro-Ro vessels to berth.

* The biggest marine passenger terminal in the Middle East.

Investment Opportunities

  * providing goods Transit services to Iraq

  *  Establishment of storage and distribution center of imported goods

  * Packaging & assembly industry

  * Construction of cold storage & Warehousing for goods storage and processing

  * Services related to ships and vessels

Benefits from locating KHorramshahr port in free commercial

* Special facilities to transfer manufactured goods in the free zone to the mainland (out of free zone)

* Full freedom of entry & exit of main capital and profit due to business activities .

* Special provisions for work force employment in the Zone

* It is free to transfer foreign currency abroad without any limitations

* Special rules for insurance and social security in Free Zones

* 15- year- tax exemption in all activities of any fields with the ability to extend for 30 years.

* Foreign nationals Visa in the free zones.

* 100% investment for foreign investor in leased lands.

* Possible partnership with foreign investors without any restrictions on participation ratio

* Special facilities for transferring goods produced in the free zone to main land (out of free zone)