Saturday Aug 15, 2020

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Director - General Message

Khorramshahr port is one of the oldest and largest ports of Iran, which is located in the north-west  of the Persian gulf, in the center of Arvand free trade-industrial zone. Iran is situated in the neighborhood of  Iraq.

In recent years, port development plans which have come off based upon international standards including :  Appropriate infrastructures, Multi-purpose warehouses, General cargo and container terminal , have made it one of the most equipped ports of the country . The port has caught the attention of many businessmen and transportation companies, and has become a major cargo and passenger destination.

For the purpose of economic development  policy , Khorramshahr port has become part of Arvand free zone and is eligible for attraction of domestic and foreign investments. Quick access to railway, national transit roads , and also Abadan international airport are other advantages of Khorramshahr port which leads to good transportation for local and foreign destinations such as: Turkey, Russia, Iraq, and Georgia (countries).Korramshahr port due to  having  state-of-the-art  marine-passenger terminal (Persian gulf terminal) , has become  one of the largest and the most modern ports in the Persian gulf region .

Enjoying the above-mentioned privileges and affordable tariffs make the port fit for importing & exporting goods.

Adel Deris