Wednesday May 31, 2023

Port News


Khorramshahr port is situated in the north-west of persian gulf ,in the south-west of the Islamic Republic of Iran  and in the south-east of Iraq(Shalamcheh Ground Border) as well as the confluence of Arvand & Karoun rivers in Khouzestan province.The port has a long  history in seaborne trade and the construction as well as exploitation of special quays for ocean-going vessels launched in the early of 1300(1922)and during the outbreak of the second world war became more and more so that the years before the Islamic Revolution ,Khorramshahr  Port  had 20 quays and was one of the largest port of the country with 4 million tons general cargo importation in 1356(1978).

Now, the whole pre-war infrastructures of the port  including :Quays ,Warehouses ,and yards are reconstructed.