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Port  complex of khorramshahr is connected to domestic  & foreign population centers via international roads.The aforesaid area is connected to :Abadan port(15 km),Imam khomeini port (100 km),Ahvaz(125 km), Tehran (997 km) and Shalamcheh Ground Border (10 km).The Trans-Iranian railway is connected to khorramshahr port via Ahvaz .The railway connection is as a cheap way of transporting goods to the whole domestic destinations as well as neighboring countries like :Iraq ,Turkey ,and Georgia (counries).


The most suitable port for road and sea transport as well as cargo transit to Iraq

 In terms of the difficulties in cargo transportation to Iraq, Khorramshahr port is the most suitable choice of cargo transit to the said country . Khorramshahr port has some privileges due to closeness to Iraqi ports and Shalamcheh ground border (15 Km)- road and sea transport as well as cargo transit to Iraq is possible . In view of the fact that Khorramshahr port is situated in the south-west of Iran , and due to closeness to the western provinces , this port can be the best choice for Iraqi cargoes to be transported  via western provinces (Marivan, Basmat , Ilam ,Khosravi ground border) a